Due to the knowledge and experience that TEHNEDROS company has, it provides integrated study services covering a wide range of projects.

  • Architecture
  • Energy
  • Implementation studies for reconstructions
  • Redevelopments
  • Urban planning
  • Topographic
  • Static
  • Environmental

After the completion of the studies, TEHNEDROS undertakes the entire coordination of issues such as building permits, ministry approvals and other public services.

Supervising the proper implementation of the studies in practice for TEHNEDROS is an important part of the project. Other than the completed studies required for the construction of a project, during its course various issues are presented that need resolving, making continuity and thus the completion of the project difficult. With constant supervision and proper collaboration between the supervisors and the owner of the project, all issues that are presented are resolved, making both the result and the path worthwhile. Proper supervision of the project is achieved thanks to the guidance of the constructors – associates by the experienced engineers of TEHNEDROS company, resulting in time and cost efficiency as well as a perfect result.

At TEHNEDROS, the company’s operational methods are constantly improving towards increased productivity. Its goal is to become more competitive by completing projects successfully, promptly and cost efficiently.

International experience has proven that the most effective method to achieve this goal is the systematic use of Project Management procedures, using every time the respective scientific properties as main tools as well as the coordinated development of relevant skills by company executives.

By undertaking the organization and implementation of a project, the company follows important steps anticipating the best result:

  • Organisation of the financial extent of the project
  • Co-operation with the customer – owner of the project
  • Formation of a team of experienced collaborators
  • Meet deadlines based on time schedule
  • Complete coordination during the implementation of the project
  • Delivery of completed and perfect result

So far, the factors that played a key role in a successful construction work were project quality, financial size and timetable implementation. TEHNEDROS today, exploiting the scientific training of its executives in conjunction with its network of experienced collaborators, introduces new factors and creates a new “framework” on which the construction moves. These factors concern:

  • reducing the use of existing energy and switching to alternative forms of energy by applying environmental criteria
  • creating project quality in relation to ownership value
  • improving the quality of the built environment
  • anticipating user needs and demands for property in the future
  • time extension of buildings use in the future.

TEHNEDROS company undertakes the regularization of arbitrary constructions and the arbitrary change of use in buildings, all over Greece, as well as the issuance of an engineer certification of non-arbitrary constructions. The regularization of arbitrary constructions and uses is necessary as from 21/9/2011 it is forbidden and absolutely invalid to transfer or create a real right to a building property in which an arbitrary construction or change of use has been performed (Article 23, paragraph 1, 4014/2011). TEHNEDROS company has undertaken the regularization of arbitrary constructions of residential, professional office building, industries and hotel facilities in Athens as well as in the Region. For more information, please contact our responsible engineer.

(Issuing a green energy certificate for a building)

TEHNEDROS company undertakes the issuance of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), a document issued by our energy inspector (engineer registered in the Special Register of Energy Inspectors of the Ministry of Environment and Energy). The EPC as a document is electronically controlled and recognized by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, where it is kept in a special database (Building Inspection File), where its control and management is under the responsibility of the Special Service of Energy Inspectors. The EPC is required for all buildings with basic uses such as home, professional space, public gathering space, educational, temporary accommodation, health and welfare etc., as well as after completion of the construction of a new or renovated building. It is also necessary when selling or renting a whole building or part of it. TEHNEDROS company undertakes the preparation of a Building Energy Performance Study, which is compulsory under Law 3661/2008 “Measures for the reduction of the energy consumption of buildings and other provisions” (Government Gazette 89/A/2008), for all new or radically renovated buildings with the exceptions of Article 11 as amended in accordance with Articles 10 and 10A of Law 3851/2010. The energy efficiency study is based on the Building Energy Performance Regulation (Government Gazette  407/ B/2010) and the technical instructions of the Technical Chamber of Greece. For more information, please contact our responsible engineer.




  • Residential
  • Commercial buildings – Shops – Offices
  • Hotels
  • Restorations – Renovations
  • Buildings Public Interest (administrative, cultural, educational, sports, health – care)
  • Ecological construction (energy and bioclimatic design)


  • Tourist complexes (hotel facilities, tourist accommodation complex, condo hotels)
  • School groups
  • Reformation squares


  • Topographic surveying and mapping
  • Applications of GIS


  • Environmental Impact Assessment infrastructure
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental Studies projects for residential development (housing, hotels and housing complexes)
  • Design and implementation of environmental management (ISO 140001:2004)